#4 – Sex Data Security By Design With Ola Miedzynska


How do you keep your data secured and safe? In this episode, Ola Miedzynska is sharing with us how all tech companies, including sextechs and femtechs, must be aware of data vulnerabilities and manage any data threats . Discover the story of Sx Tech EU or how technology disruption is synonym of more gender equality.

About Ola Miedzynska

Ola developed extensive experience supporting startups for over 9 years to match technologies and trends related to their innovation purposes and transformation needs. She is also a researcher in technology trends like decentralization, AI, VR, the blockchain, and biotech in relation to the sex-tech industry.

About Sx Tech EU

Sx Tech EU is the development of deep technologies for the sex- tech industry. Ola and her team promote the sex tech entrepreneurship and startups by investigating new trends and advancing innovations with events such as Sx Tech conference and hackathon challenge.

Contact: hello@sxtech.eu


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