Working Together

AI Ethics & DE&I Services

Unexpected Data helps individuals and organizations to embed AI ethics by design in their digital journey with events services: from Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) interactive workshops to sharing taboo-free Data & Data Science experience through events moderation

Events that trusted Unexpected Data / Yudan Lin:

  • One Day Conference: Can Ethical AI exist?
  • Pan –  European Premiere & Panel Discussion: Coded Bias
  • brAInstrom Talk: AI & Big Data
  • Women In AI talk: AI powered female innovation
  • DataScienceGo: Non-traditional Careers in Data
  • Data Science Conference Europe: What does AI Ethics really stand for?
  • Digital Leben: Pornseiten sind Datenprofis here
  • Asigmo Data Science Podcast: Discrimination in AI and the use of technology in healthcare here

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