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In our modern society, breaking our own isolation and bringing more connections to each of us have never been so important.

Unexpected Data / Yudan Lin has then deliberately decided to dedicate this whole section to individual stories.

Telling personal stories, via episode with an intimate tone, allows us to understand the singularity of each person and the different cultures that surround us.

Without judgment and sometimes without name, these storytellers support us in being aligned with ourselves and with the data world that we live in.


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Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are fully known as buzzwords. While some believe that a technology or a marketed eco-system can make the difference for their business, who knows the real purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

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All of us have faced tremendous amount of change in our life. The circumstances of this global pandemic have put in our minds that we need to deal fast with the urgent , if not for survival. Change is then perceived as difficult. But what if all of that is just making you stronger?

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Although a taboo in many society, death seems to be an inevitable human being condition. Some religions are relating about an afterlife. And many people in the real life have kept their loved ones alive in the digital world. Knowing the exponential amount of data, are data scientists the ones able to effectively tackle real-world problems & help in more better-informed decision-making?

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Part of our social development process, schools are shaping us to be focused on answering questions. Only few are exploring the possibility that we are all naturally curious, by nurturing our ability to ask the right questions. This mindset is also replicated in the workplace. Are we then missing improvement and innovation?

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        • Serg Masis
        • Scott Taylor
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