#5 – Sex Optimization By Blended Orgasms With Lora DiCarlo


Enabling people to be comfortable and free to be themselves and enjoying their own body had led a sextech to call the Consumer Technology Association out on their double standards based on genders in 2018. In this episode, Lora DiCarlo is sharing with us how qualitative data is in the center of sex optimization with blended orgasms.

About Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run start-up that is determined to change the face of sex tech. Proudly sex-positive and gender-inclusive, the founder and CEO Lora DiCarlo’s goal is to create products and educational resources that promote female and LGBTQ+ sexual empowerment. The company has partnered with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering to develop a range of products to close the orgasm gap and make blended orgasms a right rather than a reach.

Website: https://www.loradicarlo.com

Faking Orgasms?

‘A third of sexually-active Americans have dumped someone after having bad sex, according to new research.

The survey asked 2,000 Americans (approximately 1,800 of whom have been sexually active) about their sex lives and what’s an absolute turn-off with a partner.

And it turns out you better be good in bed if you want another date: 68 percent of sexually-active respondents said bad sex is a total deal breaker.’ – New York Post

Contact: hello@loradicarlo.com


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