#6 – Sex & AI Ethics in Gender Classification With Peter Tatchell


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have become one of the top priority of many companies. And even more since Google has awaken the dormant worries of silencing whistleblowers like Timnit Gebru. Algorithms are already automatizing some decisions and especially infering gender without user consent. Even with a very high accuracy, it is hard to imagine how those models could label gender without discriminating against non binary or trans people. In this episode, Peter Tatchell is sharing with us about AI ethics, mass surveillance and freedom of speech in a pandemic context and sexual identity weaponization.

About Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is a British human rights defender who has been campaigning for over 50 years, since 1967. He was the defeated Labour candidate in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election – one of the most dirty, violent and homophobic elections in Britain in the twentieth century. Among his many campaigns, he exposed the Nazi war criminal SS Dr Carl Vaernet. His human rights activism resulted in him being beaten badly by President Mugabe’s bodyguards in Brussels in 2001 and by Russian neo-Nazis in Moscow in 2007. He is currently Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation: @PeterTatchell

Website: https://www.petertatchell.net/

The Peter Tatchell Foundation

The Peter Tatchell Foundation (PTF) seeks to promote and protect the human rights of individuals, communities and nations, in the UK and internationally, in accordance with established national and international human rights law.

The PTF seeks to raise awareness, understanding, protection and implementation of human rights, in the UK and worldwide. This involves research, education, advice, casework, publicity and advocacy.

The human rights aims and objectives of the PTF are charitable and with a public benefit.

The PTF is independent and non-party political.

The PTF works on a selected range of human rights issues in selected countries. The issues we work on include:

  • Homophobia, biphobia & transphobia
  • Sexism & gender inequality
  • Racial prejudice & discrimination
  • Censorship
  • Suppression of religion, opinion or belief
  • Unjust detention
  • Restriction of association
  • Death penalty
  • Ethnic persecution
  • Refusal of asylum to refugees
  • Violations of civil liberties
  • Subjugation of national & cultural minorities
  • Denial of self-determination to suppressed peoples
  • Torture
  • Genocide
  • War crimes
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Global poverty & deprivation

Contact: www.PeterTatchellFoundation.org


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Credit: Peter Tatchell

Credit: Web Summit 2020

Credit: Peter Tatchell Foundation & TEDxOxbrid


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