#7 – Sex Data Business With Lex Gillon


When entering a new market, usually startup founders get their idea validated by people that could potentially be their customers. In parallel, they build their business model and make the research about possible competitors and their unique selling proposition. And Sextech founders are also going to this journey. If you remember, in the previous episode of this season, we already talked about how it is quite difficult to have a global overview of what is happening in the adult entertaining industry and those who have the data are not especially making it available for the new players.

About Lex Gillon

Modality CEO and spokesperson, Lex isn’t just a skilled researcher, strategic planner, project manager and business analyst, she also happens to speak Mandarin and can easily liaise with Chinese sex toy manufacturers having lived in Asia for 7 years. 

Lex understands the global market for sex toys and Modality is her brainchild. When she’s not researching the latest sex industry trends, she’s meeting with clients and pitching collaborations.

Modality Group

Modality is a custom research and insights agency for the sex industry, designed to help your business thrive. Think of us as a hotbed of sexual research. 

They’re much more than data analysts seeking better sex. Founded in 2018, Their mission is to make the sex industry research and data-driven. The team of experts work with founders, investors and manufacturers to produce market research, white papers, and reports exploring trends in the sex industry to benefit Sextech business and make sure everyone has access to sexual satisfaction. 

Website: https://www.modalitygroup.co/


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Credit : Modality Group – Lex Gillon

Credit : Modality Group – Lex Gillon


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