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I – When you browse our main page

We provide you with this page, make sure it does not go offline and get an anonymous statistic to see if we succeeded in doing so.

We process your personal data, to provide this page to you („transactional data” such as your IP address) and use it for ensuring the security of the page.


Storage: Transactional data is not stored. Security log data (e.g. when the software identifies an „incident“) are deleted within 14 days, unless there is an

individual reason to keep information for a longer period of time (e.g. individual IP addresses are blocked). 

Legal Basis: Your consent to send you the page you asked us for and our legitimate interests in security of our page.

Legitimate Interests: For security reasons we may process personal information (IP addresses) on this page.

Recipients: None. We do not share personal data with other controllers.


We only use trustworthy processors that only process your personal data on our behalf (“processors”) – in this case our current webhosting provider OVH in Europe.

Third Country Transfers:

– Google Analytics. See the related section for more details.

– Podtrac Analytics. See the related section for more details.

Statistics: We run a statistics system that does not track personal data. Despite our system being only anonymous, we also respect „do not track“ requests and offer opt-out options to exclude data on your visit from any kind of statistics.

Cookies: We do not store personal data in cookies.

II – In addition, when you become a supporting member and use 

We process the data that is necessary for managing your noyb membership (including thinks like payments and mailings).

If you become a supporting member, we store the data you have provided in the forms. We generate a member ID number once you join. In addition we

are legally required to generate a timestamp when you joined Unexpected Data as a member. If you join as a member we store your IP address for reasons of fraud prevention. We keep a record of any changes you make to your membership data to be able to manage the account. This data is only

stored in order to manage your membership (the contract between us). The management of your membership and for regular updates via email.


All data is deleted, should you abort the sign-up process (“timeout”). If you become an UnexpectedData member, your information is kept as long

as you are a member and you can change it at any time by logging in. We may need to store information even after you have quit as a member under legal obligations (e.g. accounting provisions require 7 years of bookkeeping) or for legitimate interests (e.g. if you file a legal case against us).

Legal Basis: The contract between our members and us, to enter into this contract, legal obligations resulting from your membership and our legitimate


Legitimate Interests: For reasons of fraud prevention we process personal information (IP addresses) and may process data in cases of legal disputes stemming from a membership.


We only use trustworthy processors that only process your personal data on our behalf (“processors”). Currently we e.g. use a hosting provider OVH in Europe.

Other Recipients: None. We do not transfer your data to any other data controller.

Third Country Transfers: None. We store your data within the EEA/EU.

Cookies: We use a session cookie, to process your membership application. It is deleted when you close your browser. Other cookies are not containing

personally identifiable data.

III – When you sign up to our newsletter

We use your email to send you the newsletter and to make sure it does not go your spam folder.

In addition to sending you an email, your email address may be processed so that our newsletter is not caught up in “spam” filters.

Storage: Your data is removed from the mailing list when you cancel your subscription, but kept on a list of opt-outs. We remove these emails on a

regular basis.

Legal Basis: Your consent for sending emails and our legitimate interest not to be listed as “spamers”.

Legitimate Interests: To not get blacklisted as “spam” we may block certain email addresses that our provider identified as problematic.

Recipients: None. We do not transfer your data to any other data controller.

Third Country Transfers: None. We store your data within the EEA/EU.


We only use trustworthy processors that only process your personal data on our behalf (“processors”). For mailing we currently use Mailjet and


IV – When you share our page on social networks or follow links or from SoundClound

We currently can’t really guarantee other people’s compliance – but giving more knowledge and awareness about it is our focus and concern at


If you click on any button that allows you to share our page or follow a link, you will be redirected to this other page and you are then subject to the privacy policy of this third party. We can currently not guarantee for their compliance with GDPR.

V – In all cases, you have the following rights

Just send us a message at Email and we’ll take care of things!

You have the right to access, to rectification, to object, to restriction of processing, to data portability, to withdraw your consent and to

launch a complaint with your local data protection authority. We are governed by the Austria data protection authority (“Datenschutzbehörde”).

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website.

This is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 (hereinafter: Google).

Through certification according to the EU-US Privacy Shield

Google guarantees that it will follow the EU’s data protection regulations when processing data in the United States.

The Google Analytics service is used to analyze how our website is used.

The legal basis is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the analysis, optimization, and economic operation of our site.

Usage and user-related information, such as IP address, place, time, or frequency of your visits to our website will be transmitted to a Google

server in the United States and stored there. However, we use Google Analytics with the so-called anonymization function, whereby Google

truncates the IP address within the EU or the EEA before it is transmitted to the US.

The data collected in this way is in turn used by Google to provide us with an evaluation of visits to our website and what visitors do once there.

This data can also be used to provide other services related to the use of our website and of the internet in general.

Google states that it will not connect your IP address to other data. In addition, Google provides further information with regard to its data

protection practices at,including options you can exercise to prevent such use of your data.

In addition, Google offers an opt-out add-on at in addition with further information. This add-on can be installed on the most popular browsers and offers you further control over the data that Google collects when you visit our website. The add-on informs Google Analytics’ JavaScript (ga.js) that no information about the website visit should be transmitted to Google Analytics. However, this does not prevent information from being transmitted to us or to other web analytics services we may use as detailed.


We use Podtrac on our podcast episodes and on our website.

This is a podcast analytics service provided by Podtrac, Inc PO Box 30576, Alexandria, VA 22310 (hereinafter: Podtrac).

All information are available at



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