MyStory – Embedding Self Growth In Data Science Values with Abed Ajraou


Part of our social development process, schools are shaping us to be focused on answering questions. Only few are exploring the possibility that we are all naturally curious, by nurturing our ability to ask the right questions. This mindset is also replicated in the workplace. As usually categorized as challenging, some colleagues and managers even look unfavorably on those fresh questions which could lead all of us to drive further improvement and innovation. Today in Unexpected Data, you will hear the story of our guest that believes that data culture is about empowering each of us as well as the business.

About Abed Ajraou

Abed Ajraou is a highly trained, educated, and experienced data engineering professional who has expertise with data analytics, business intelligence, big data, data science and consulting.

Broad knowledge and skills to develop a data vision, a data strategy and a data culture with a deep experience on how to develop and implement data products and data capabilities. Experienced with leading dynamic, cross-functional teams with executing complex data-driven projects. Skilled trainer and project leader. Experienced in stakeholder management. Hold a certification in Machine Learning and in Deep Learning.


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  • ‘Data Science is nothing without a team’ Abed Ajraou
  • Find Abed in multiple conferences and review his talk on his Youtube channel
  • Contact Abed Ajraou on Twitter @AAjraou


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