Unexpected Data Posts

When entering a new market, usually startup founders get their idea validated by people that could potentially be their customers. In parallel, they build their business model and make the research about possible competitors and their unique selling proposition. And Sextech founders are also going to this journey. If you remember, in the previous episode of this season, we already talked about how it is quite difficult to have a global overview of what is happening in the adult entertaining industry and those who have the data are not especially making it available for the new players.

Although a taboo in many society, death seems to be an inevitable human being condition. Some religions are relating about an afterlife. And many people in the real life have kept their loved ones alive in the digital world. Knowing the exponential amount of data, are data scientists the ones able to effectively tackle real-world problems & help in more better-informed decision-making?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have become one of the top priority of many companies. Algorithms are already automatizing some decisions and especially infering gender without user consent. Even with a very high accuracy, it is hard to imagine how those models could label gender without discriminating against non binary or trans people. In this episode, Peter Tatchell is sharing with us about AI ethics and sexual identity weaponization.